I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment
i am happy
There are two things I keep coming back to in my life... my bike, and my art. That's gotta mean something... I guess.
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Not a complete layout.. just tooling around last night. I'll redo tonight, hold ur pants on...well that is unless you are hot.. or that chick down in FL... :-D

I'll do when I get home from work, promise
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We are at war.. kinda odd to be saying that. I'm a day late on posting that news. Not like anyone on this earth DOESN'T already know. This is what life has turned into. I'm trying... like most, not to let it affect me too much. I mean it does, my two good friends... Kristen and Amber. One in the Marines, one in the Navy.. one in school right now, and one in the Persian Gulf... only a few hundred miles (if that) from where that shit eating man Saddam is. A tad bit unsettling. Talking to Ambers dad last night calmed me down, he seemed very grounded. I guess the key word there is seemed.

Anyways, I'm at a coffee shop downtown waiting on erin.. so I'm going to be outtie.
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Boredom on lunch break...




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I still remember that weekend...
Till my body is dust
Till my soul is no more
I will love you
Love you

Till the sun starts to cry
And the moon turns to rust
I will love you
Love you

But I need to know
Will you stay for all time
Forever and a day?

And I'll give my heart
Till the end of our time
Forever and a day

And I need to know
Will you stay for all time
Forever and a day?

And I'll give my heart
Till the end of our time
Forever and a day

Till the stars fill my eyes
And we touch the last time
I will love you
Love you
I will love you
Love you
I will love you
Love you:: Fisher- Forever

http://llettersfrom25.blogspot.com/ <-- Wow..
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Random thought of the evening/night/morning. Are military is fucked up, seriously. I mean look at how they run it. People that give up their lives to wear the uniform everyday, no matter where or why they have to. Those people aren't allowed to live the freedom they are protecting. Freedom of speech? Nope. Freedom of religion? Nope. Gays in the military? Don't tell anyone if you are. It makes no sense to me why the people that are fighting for the rights of every individual that has a social security card.. can't live those rights daily. Kinda fucked up don't you think?

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7 months later.. 100 things about me update.

1. i like to think that i am a very open-minded person
2. i really hate stereotypes, yet sometimes i use them...
3. i used to write alot
4. dont really email as much as i used to
5. i'm a very creative person. always have been.
6. i have probably over 400 cd's
7. i have a speed fetish, no not the drug
8. i want a beta fish
9. my dogs name is triton
10. i dance better than most
11. club too much
12. biking is one of my true loves
13. my laptop is sawwweet
14. i have a powerbook g4
15. i dont like eating that much chocolate
16. i am going to be a state trooper
17. yes i will lock your ass up
18. i have this cd burning problem...
19. intelligence is a huge turn on for me.
20. my birthday is november 13th, same as alison lang
21. i like all kinds of music
22. i love listening to the rain
23. i enjoy staying up all night talking with someone i love
24. fast internet connections rock
25. my playlist is 8 hours long
26. lance armstrong is one of the few men i would ever marry
27. i have a fear of letting down people
28. either do something fully or not at all
29. i love ice cream
30. i have more close guy friends then girls
31. i love my tuppy
32. my neighbors are strange
33. i have over 8k mp3's right now
34. herbal essence smells good, but not up your nose
35. i hate when people go idle or offline with out saying bye
36. i'm a very open minded person.
37. no one ever listens to my advice and i am usually right
38. i am very different with different people
39. i seem to buy notebooks in hopes that it will spur a writing down pour
40. i guess i'm pretty smart
41.i like the right side of the bed best
42. my hair has its own way of doing things
43. dubs (volkswagens) are your friend
44. i want to fall in love forever
45. i thought at one time i was in love forever
46. i love to draw pure beauty
47. i own alot of sketch books
48. my favorite color is orange.
49. i hate hyped up beauty- makes it fake
50. britany spears is hot but way to hyped to be beautiful
51. my mom used to call me pookie
52. some how with out me telling people they call me Ar
53. starting in 2nd grade till 11th i was known as ArsBars
54. my last cars name was bars
55. Pete and I are the wonder twins
56. Been riding my 20" bike alot lately
57. i grew up in the towson/hunt valley, md area
58. monkies are cool
59. i'm scared of relationships usually
60. i like eye contact
61. with my parents for example i don't look in their eyes
62. wanted to goto art school for a long time
63. i work at harley davidson
64. the old time cartoons rock
65. price is right is odd
66. i hate living on a main road
67. i love shoes
68. frappacinos are gods invention
69. i like dressing up
70. don't do it alot
71. i like book stores
72. i love "connecting" with people
73. my eyes rock
74. i believe in guardian angels
75. i tend to hurt myself during sports
76. don't let it get me down- take one for the team
77. i am fairly tall
78. played alot of sports in hs
79. cuddling rocks
80. i am going to start triathons sooner or later
81. i guess you could call me preppy
82. but in an artist way
83. its raining outside, i wanna go play in it
84. i don't work tomorrow
85. i only wear silver
86. my mom and step dad have a peace order against my grandma
87. my grandma is odd
88. i miss my dad, though i really never knew him
89. last time i really saw him, my 10th birthday
90. i love hot showers
91. i've dealt with a lot of things a person shouldn't have to.
92. but it's only made me stronger.
93. my dog is going anywhere i go
94. my friends are always there for me
95. i have wonderful parents, who are getting better at parenting as time goes by
96. i like who i am, i have things to improve but things that make me me
97. i like paul oakenfold
98. i enjoy everyday someway and somehow
99. i love to smile
100. i'm slowly finding happiness again
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Who gets stuck in an accident/traffic at 2:45 in the MORNING???? Oh me..
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http://dawnsie.paperskye.com/maryland.html <-amusing
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Off of my random post last night... I know it made no sense. That's my life right now- one large mess that makes zero sense. The last week has bee... interesting. Falling head over heels for someone I have no chance with. FINALLY telling Erin I have been infatuated with her from day one. Having a girl become very obsessed over me in a very unhealthy manner. Getting so many oppurtunities at the club and truning everyone down because of that one girl that I fell for...and shouldn't of. It's been a drama filled 7 days. It makes the trip worth it I guess.
On a lighter note, I've been riding alot. Been trying to get out atleast once a day. John, one of my riding buddies is moving to TX the end of April. Once that happens I know I'll be out with Pete tons, because he'll need a riding buddy.
On a nerd note my MP3 server is coming along nicely. I'll prolly be getting my new HD's w/i the next month. I really should figure out how many will fit in my box... Ohwell, I can always get an external!! Ha hells yes, I'm a nerd.
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See there was this moment, I guess you could call it THAT moment.. when I realized this is it... where I'm going is from now on. I realized that no love in my life can change that.
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Yeh, I haven't been writing. Sorry. I guess sometimes the best way to deal with things these days, is NOT to deal with them.

Bad huh?
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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
-Dr. Seuss

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Wow... I will leave it there.
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