I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment
i am happy
Things have become crazy. Started a new gig, love the gang though, so worth it. Been pretty damn sick, going on almost a week now. Plus I gave Ginger my cooties :( We shared a drink last weekend at the movies... sorry babe:( I should of gone out tonight, but trying to get well. Gotta drive alot in about ... 11 days :)

Oh yeh.. going to SC/GA the 20th till the 23rd. Can't wait.. so excited. Should be interesting on the whole sleeping arrangement part of it.

Posted by: Arleigh at 11:59 PM

Going out of my mind these days,
Like I'm walkin' round in a haze.
I can't think straight, I can't concentrate.

Posted by: Arleigh at 12:43 PM

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