I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment
i am happy
Life has become odd.. very busy and odd. As many of you know I'm in love, have been for a lil bit of time. Well the dork I am hasn't fully told my mom..so I wrote her an email. Yeh yeh I know I'm an ass, but she has this weird view of what "being on the fence" is. Ohwell, we shall see how it goes. I know she wants me to be happy, and hopefully that stays true. Other than that, 4th of July is coming up, totally excited. Kinda odd how much life has changed in the past year. Funny how you remember where you watched fireworks.

Posted by: Arleigh at 11:12 PM

Tons has happened.. the trip to SC/GA was a blast, I'll post pix tonight. Got back.. two days ago? I think...
Worked yesterday, was supposed to goto a 24 hour adreniline ride, but decided against it. Road last night, and this morning.. Flatted (eck) I can't even find why I did. If it was glass or a pinch flat I could blame myself, but I can't find ANYTHING wrong with the stupid tube. Prolly riding more tonight, and now I'm going to eat. I'll fix some links and what not this afternoon
Posted by: Arleigh at 3:16 PM

Life is full of surprises ;)
Posted by: Arleigh at 9:26 PM

Ya kno what I truely love. When people that think they know/knew you make assumptions and fuck up your life. Or atleast hurt you in the process. Pretty annoyed on this one, because one moves on from you because they know you aren't the one.. how does this make you a player? You went out of your way to try things with them, gave them nothing less then everything.. and they start rumors. Make assumptions. An image arises from the dust.. that isn't you.

Last night was a blast though. Will, Amber and I went to Apex.. yes, Apex. Total awesome time.. though I think we entertained ourselves on the streets of DC and on the car ride home more than anything. Listening to old school Aqua, and Nysnc.. ha that was great.

Anyways, my mouth is killing me.. between another broken tooth and that temporary they put in there.. hmph. I no longer like dentist
Posted by: Arleigh at 7:07 PM

SooooOOooo later tonight I should have pictures from the club, if I remember the digital. Will, Amber and I are going out.. should be good times.

Updating on life, Kristen and I are slowly learning to talk again. Isn't about anything but her doing tri's but hey we are talking. Which in its self with us not fighting is a big improvement. Right now I am house/apartment shopping for Savannah, also kinda job hunting. But its kinda early to do that... true I can talk to some managers and smile my million dollar smile at them when I am down there. I'm excited and worried in the same emotion.. living and working away from home.. no other means of help. Well my folks will help I'm sure, but you kno what I mean. I'll be on my own. Kinda freaky to say that.

Off to the club...

booty bounce baby
Posted by: Arleigh at 11:29 PM

Wicked busy lately. Run down on the past week quickly, if any of you care. Monday had tooth repaired (crown), tuesday-friday worked 9-530. And shoved in biking whenever possible. Been super tired from this flu/cold thing everyone I know seems to be having. My whole shop has it, well minus maybe 2 people.

Anyways....before I pass out on the keyboard I'm going to say lata.
Posted by: Arleigh at 10:34 PM

Things have become crazy. Started a new gig, love the gang though, so worth it. Been pretty damn sick, going on almost a week now. Plus I gave Ginger my cooties :( We shared a drink last weekend at the movies... sorry babe:( I should of gone out tonight, but trying to get well. Gotta drive alot in about ... 11 days :)

Oh yeh.. going to SC/GA the 20th till the 23rd. Can't wait.. so excited. Should be interesting on the whole sleeping arrangement part of it.

Posted by: Arleigh at 11:59 PM

Going out of my mind these days,
Like I'm walkin' round in a haze.
I can't think straight, I can't concentrate.

Posted by: Arleigh at 12:43 PM

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