I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment
i am happy
Endings don't exist

I was told this before I left home in August.. and now that September is coming to a close, I happened to view that on someones buddy info. Ya know, I believe in away they don't. I still have my friends in my heart, though they are 8 hours away. All the memories (good and bad) are stuck with me till the day I die. Endings don't exist, and I dont think it is possible for them to.
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Things that make me happy

Look at that incline..

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Randomly searching the blogs today I found this one, GangStories. And with in that blog I found this... which really hit home.

It's one of life's great tragedies that the permanent brands of your own stupidity end up on the backs of the people who love you most.

I hate to think about that. My failures, from my freshman year off highschool, through the senior year. I still feel like I failed my mother...the woman that put up with so much to get me to where my dreams were. Even if my dreams didn't even know where they were going. It didn't matter to her, all that mattered was she got me there. To think at times I left her down when she got me there... Something I will never be able to shake.
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Wow I am being really bad at this blog thing since I have no real internet in my house. (Dial up is NOT internet) Things are slowly setting into place down here in SC. Found another place to live since well.. things didn't go as planned at the first place. It's futher from work, but in a great community.
Other than that.. work is great. Kris is great. And umm yeh this post blows.

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